Seeking nominations

Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement

The Mensa Education and Research Foundation is seeking nominations for its annual Copper Black International Award for Creative Achievement. This award is presented to a Mensa member who has made the most outstanding creative achievement. The creative achievement may be an invention, an innovation, or a unique improvement that has actually worked. Artistic accomplishments are not eligible. Copper Black was a Mensan who valued creativity and left a legacy of a special award for creative achievement, in the amount of $500USD. You may nominate yourself, or another Mensan.

Award applications are available online at the Foundation’s Web site,

Completed forms must arrive by March 1, 2015.

International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award

Mensa International and the Mensa Foundation have founded an award recognizing a specific accomplishment that benefits society.

The accomplishment should be innovative in some respect. It may be a single achievement such as an invention, or it may be the cumulative effect of several innovative accomplishments, but it must be shown to have a tangible benefit to a substantial number of people. Consideration will be given to the number of people impacted.

Acceptable activities include, for example, new education programs for employees, clients or business associates; programs designed to educate the public; novel philanthropic efforts; and intellectual research and development. Political activities are excluded.

Nominees must be members in good standing of an officially recognized national Mensa or be a direct international member in good standing of Mensa International. Nominations may be made personally or be made by another Mensan or group with the written consent of the nominee. Make your nomination online. You may upload as many as five pages of supporting documentation such as testimonials or journal or newspaper articles. These files may be in .pdf, .txt, .doc, .rtf or .wpd format.

Completed nominations must arrive by March 1, 2015.


Elissa Rudolph