Ing. Daniel Cimrák, MBA

Obrázok používateľa Ing. Daniel Cimrák, MBA

Dátum narodenia:

3. september 1979


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O mne

I am a businessman, development & project manager, innovator, evangelist & methodologist with a wider areas of activities in: industrial- design & technology, IT software and online services, high-art, advertising & branding and related directions. I am the founder of Cassiopeius Management and later this will form a Casqua™ group from my developed and financed projects as the management headquarters for all of them. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (Bratislava, SK) - Industrial Design and the University of Economics (Bratislava, SK) - Information technology. Currently, I am finishing my remote studies at the International CEMI University (Prague; with global lectors) - Global business leadership to obtain an MBA degree. In addition to providing a variety of market services, it is dedicated to the development and implementation of advanced and commercially applicable conceptual and practical solutions from the previous designated areas and business activities.

In brief I am a dedicated and OK person, going after my enjoyments & dreams. To know more about my personality, you can visit my Facebook page.

If you think we have something upon we can mutually cooperate, feel free to contact me (via email or Facebook) :)