Oleksandr Smahlii

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Dátum narodenia:

28. november 2002


Instagram: @alastar.q

O mne

Name's Oleks. I'm a cyber security enthusiast and a huge fan of rock/metal music. I'm a student who's working part-time and tries to spare as much time as possible for band activities (playing, recording, etc.) Beside that I love reading both modern and classic literature, playing computer and tabletop games.
I also spent a few years doing a big research regarding religions and am currently writing a summary of it.

I am fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and English.
I'm quite good in Slovak too (just enough to freely study, work, and live in a Slovak-speaking environment without any problems) but I can't lead an advanced and deep conversation in Slovak yet.


I succesfully finished one of the best lyceums in my country (Ukraine) and entered Technical University in Kosice (Informatics) at 16. I'm still studying to get my Bc. degree now.


I'm working in field of cyber security. To be more precise, I'm a penetration tester in a Finnish fintech company (bank).

Aktivity v Mense:

I'm not yet engaged in any activities in Mensa.


My two main hobbies are ethical hacking and music. But I also try my best at writing sometimes.
Music is probably the most important part of my life and I have a few articles about music-related subjects. I aslo have a collection of CDs.

Životné postoje:

I'm an atheist, sceptic, and a supporter of Nietzscheanism.
My worldview is purely materialistic.
Despite I can't completely agree with what moral ethics are now and hold quite indifferent views regarding morality per se (I think that morality is in a very poor state and moral ethics should be fundamentally reviewed), I highly support kindness and mutual aid, and am a kind and calm person in general =)